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Jun 21, 2022

On this episode of Solely Singleton, the gang goes over all the relevant cards from STX and C21. Of course, they continue the trend of never padding runtime with chaff while also combining different chaff to save runtime. Highlights include: Brad pronouncing a name so foreign that even its owner abbreviates it on his own YouTube channel; Eric finally gets a chance to show off his knowledge of Magic DeepLore; entirely current cultural references; Brad talks about his favorite hexproof alternative (wart? mole? whatever the Frost Titan ability is called) and the merits of patron pest tokens; Brad expressing his true feelings for Pioneer; and Brad completely understanding that the first three powers of two are not two, four, and six. Most importantly, though Eric never stumbles, repeats words, changes sentences halfway through, or ends his sentences with congested pig noises and Audacity’s noise filter definitely caught all of Brad’s lip smacks so that BowTie could spend his valuable time applying for a better job instead of manually editing them all out. So, what are you waiting for? Crack open your textbooks and turn to pag—z-z-z-z

00:30 - Intro

01:19 - Preface

02:09 - Strixhaven

20:48 - C21

35:32 - Final Thoughts

37:52 - Outro


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