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Jun 6, 2023


On this episode, Brad and Eric welcome you to our Book Club featuring The Infinite and the Divine! In this remarkable 40k novel by Robert Rath, two powerful beings start as enemies only to find themselves in love just after a few centuries of looking at each other’s morally questionable decisions.



May 30, 2023

On this episode, Brad and Eric go through the journey of collecting the sadistic Drukhari. Our knowledgeable hosts share invaluable tips on where to get the best bits to assemble a Drukhari army, and what painting techniques can bring out the sinister beauty of the Xenos raiders.



May 23, 2023

On this episode, Brad and Eric say their farewells to the 9th Edition by talking about every Codex… well… at least those listed in GW’s website. Get ready to dive deep into the grim darkness as we unveil which book had the best design and which factions deserved better.


Do your list -

May 15, 2023

On this episode, Brad and Eric share their knowledge on how to approach each facet of Warhammer’s hobby when you are a beginner, based on their shared experiences as newcomers on Warhammer a few years ago. Today’s show is full of tips and tricks on how to proceed when acquiring your first models, paint, hobby...

May 9, 2023

On this episode, Brad and Eric discuss the book “The Lion Son of the Forest” by Mike Brooks. Even though you could guess what happens in this book without reading it, the episode is free of spoilers (except for the first act). Tune in to find out how to improve your personality in just ten thousand years and what...