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Jun 1, 2021

On this episode of Solely Singleton, you are treated to an hour or so of people saying words that none of them could ever hope to spell; starring all your favorites! Eric, a well-rounded weeb who pulls hipster hot takes out his tuckus for your enjoyment! Brad, a poser who thought of like 30 different anime for his 10-show list but has somehow never seen half the ones in this episode! Christian, who is here for some unknown reason, even though he knows nothing about the subject matter and his girlfriend did all the work for him! And, introducing future perennial favorite, Brad’s Neighbor’s Lawnmower, who doesn’t even speak English yet still contributes more than Christian! All of these fine folk have sweated tirelessly to bring you patrons (and freeloaders) exactly what you asked for, Disney princesses as cement mixers Ravnican guilds as anime!


00:30 – Intro

2:04 – Main Topic

2:56 – Azorius

11:14 – Dimir

16:15 – Rakdos

21:57 – Gruul

26:55 – Selesnya

31:12 – Orzhov

36:19 – Golgari

41:46 – Simic

47:09 – Izzet

52:48 – Boros

1:01:13 – Outro


Anime List (Yes, I know there are more than 30, I threw in some sideboard options too.)


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