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Jul 27, 2021

Brad and Eric do their best to generate hype for a game they actually play, Path of Exile! As this week is the start of the Expedition league, your hosts will be bumbling through the lore, providing totally accurate descriptions of the league’s mechanics, going over the new nerfs, arguing over what builds will be the best, and (of course) whatever the PoE equivalent of misreading cards during hot takes is. And, since Strixhaven made it evergreen for some reason, they will even complain about Ward in a Magic-less episode! If you aren’t too busy actually playing the new league, feel free to listen to these idiots talk about it so you can live vicariously through them instead of just buying the free game!


00:30 - Intro
01:44 - General League and Mechanics Description

17:13 - Nerfs

19:39 - Builds

40:39 - Final Thoughts

43:06 - Outro

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