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Jan 27, 2021

Brad said if I don’t do shownotes correctly this time that Santa won’t bring me any presents this year.  Welcome back for part 2 of our Kaldheim first impressions, where we talk about all of the red, black, blue, and white cards that we have strong opinions about.  

I hope Santa brings me a Herman Miller Aeron!


Jan 26, 2021

This is why we don't pity Christian:

00:30 - Intro

2:10 - Colorless

20:05 - Multicolorled

1:26:35 - Green 


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Jan 19, 2021

On this very strangely numbered episode of Solely Singleton: Brad and Eric do a meta-podcast about podcasting.  What microphones do they use? What software? How underpaid is Christian? All of these answers are found inside.  The pair then walk you through the experimental structure season 12 has in store for you! ...